Catfish Dory Range

Designed by and built for today’s Professional Charter Skippers & Commercial Users from the UK’s Leading Builder of high Volume Aluminium Catamarans!

Catfish Aluminium Catamarans

High Speed and stability is what makes the CatFish Launch the preferred choice for many authorities around the world.

Catfish High Speed Launches     

Formally known as ‘Mach’ RIB’s these are serious boats for people who demand the ultimate from their craft. Manufactured to meet and exceed all classifications for this type of vessel.

Catfish RIB Range

The Dory aluminium workboat is the craft you need for the most commercial of operations. This type of vessel offers immense strength and load carrying capacity due to its tri-hull design.

At home on the fish farm, in the oil pollution industry or the armed forces the Catfish Flattie will serve its owner with years of maintenance free service.

Catfish Flattie’s

Pepe offer craft at nearly any stage of completion from hull only upto full fit out. We are not constrained by moulds this means the client can have much greater input on how the finished boat should look.


Catfish Range