CatFish has been designed specifically for charter, commercial and workboat use, the hulls offer excellent buoyancy in the forward sections preventing slamming under the bridge deck, which in its self has been raised as high as practically and aesthetically possible.

The CatFish hulls are not of a symmetrical shape as you would normally find in a lesser GRP design, which relies on one single mould to laminate each individual hull! Instead the internal face of each ‘pod’ differs from the external face.

On the inside of the ‘tunnel’ the water is forced to roll back into itself creating a soft cushioned ride, and with its full depth keels offering excellent directional stability in both short and steep swell conditions, in following and quartering seas. 

We have also retained a generous amount of internal freeboard which ranges from 750mm at the stern, to 950mm at mid-ships therefore creating a deep, safe, self draining cockpit, with need for only minimal side rails.

Due to the low surface resistance of catamaran hulls and the weight saving offered by aluminium performance is excellent, offering comfortable cruising speeds of 18-22kts with sprint speeds in excess of 26kts. Typical engine horsepower requirements will be 15-20% lower than that of a similar sized mono hull.

The external hull profile incorporates multi chine forms, the main chine deflects water away from the bow with a second chine aiding in lift and dryness of ride.